NiceRF | SW-DC01 Low vibration, anti-interference DC to DC power module

SW-DC01 is a DC to DC module, it adopts key component from MPS. The oscillation frequency can be as low as 100KHz and it will not interfere with the reception of wireless products. It is very suitable for short communication range caused by power interference. The modules supports highest working voltage up to 30V and the max output current up to 2A. It can be widely used in power conversion occasions of wireless products.

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■ Operating voltage range: 8-30V

■ 3.3V/4.2V/5V output voltage for optional

■ Max output current 2A

■ Built-in reverse connection and overvoltage protection

■ Strong anti-interference

■ Operating temperature range: -20 ~ +60 °C


■ Remote controller power supply

■ Toy control            

■ Wireless modules power supply

■ 3.3V, 4.2V, 5V output applications 


Electrical Specifications:

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Pin & Dimension

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Mechanical Dimensions (unit:mm)