LoRa1268F30-Mini | High performance small size 1W Lora moduel

LoRa1268F30-Mini is a small size, low current, high power wireless transceiver module. It integrates Semtech’s SX1268 chip and an external LNA. It has increased 4dB on the basis of high sensitivity LoRa, its communication distance and receiving sensitivity All far exceed other FSK and GFSK solutions. At the same time, customers can also choose to add a band-pass filter to further improve the anti-interference ability.

Another feature of LoRa1268F30-Mini is low voltage. The wireless module is designed with an output power of 30dBm@4V, the receiving current is less than 11mA, and the sensitivity is as high as -148dBm. It is especially suitable for battery-powered scenarios. The ultra-long distance is also very suitable for remote industrial control applications.

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 Frequency Range:410-450 MHz

 Receive current < 11 mA  

 Sensitivity up to -148dBm @LoRa 

 256 bytes FIFO

 Modulation mode:LoRa ®、(G)FSK

 Data transfer rate:@FSK,0.6-300 Kbps

@LoRa ®, 0.018-62.5 Kbps

■ Maximum output power:30dBm@4V


 Industrial meter reading

 Parking lot sensor management

 automated industry

 Agricultural sensor

 Smart City

 Warehouse management

 Street lamp

 Logistics management

 Environmental sensor

 Health products

 security product

 Remote control


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