G-NiceRF | LoRa1268 160mW low power consumption wireless transceiver module

The LoRa1268 wireless module uses Semtech's SX1268 device, which uses a high-precision TCXO crystal oscillator, ultra-low receive current and sleep current, and sensitivity of -148dBm. Built-in 64KHz crystal oscillator can wake up the microcontroller periodically under low power consumption. The module antenna switch is integrated and controlled by the chip, which saves the resources of the external MCU. The compact size and 22dBm (160mW) output power have great advantages in IoT and battery-powered applications.

LoRa1268 comply with lead-free craft in production and testing and meets RoHS and Reach standards.

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 Frequency Range:433/490 MHz (customizable150-960 MHZ)

 Sensitivity up to -148dBm @Lora

 Maximum output power:22 dBm(160mw)

 Industrial grade high precision crystal oscillator


 256 bytes FIFO

 Data transfer rate:@FSK,0.6-300 Kbps

@Lora, 0.018-62.5 Kbps


 Industrial meter reading

 Parking lot sensor management

 Industrial automation

 Agricultural sensor

 Smart city

 Remote control

 Street lights

 Logistics management

 Environmental sensor

 Health products

 Security products

 Warehouse management


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