RF4463PRO|100mW Wireless Transceiver Module|si4463 module|433 470 868 915 100mW rf module

RF4463PRO-868 868MHz have pass CE Certification,the files can download here:


RF4463PRO-915 915MHz have got FCC ID,the files can download here:


FCC ID can check from here: (FCC ID is: 2AD66-915https://www.fcc.gov/oet/ea/fccid

Here is the test report for 433MHz module:


Wireless Development Suite(WDS) download Link:


RF4463PRO|100mW Wireless Transceiver Module|si4463 module|433 470 868 915 100mW rf module

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  • Frequency Range: 315/433/470/868/915(Customizable 142-1050 MHZ)

  • Sensitivity up to -126 dBm

  • Maximum output power: 20dBm

  • 10mA@receiver mode

  • Data transfer rate:0.1-1000 kbps

  • FSK,GFSK and OOK Modulation mode

  • 1.8-3.6 V Power supply

  • Ultra-low consumption shutdown mode

  • Digital received signal strength indicator (RSSI)

  • Timed wake-up function

  • Excellent antenna match circuit and bi-direction communication

  • Configurable packet structure

  • Preamble detection

  • 64/128byte transmit and receive data register(FIFO)

  • Low-battery detection

  • Temperature sensor and 8-bit analog-to-digital converters

  • Operating Temperature Range:-40 ~ + 85 °C

  • Integrated voltage regulator

  • Frequency hopping

  • Power-on reset function

  • Built-in crystal adjustment function


  • Remote control

  • Remote meter reading

  • Home security alarm and remote keyless entry

  • industrial control

  • home automation remote sensing

  • individual data records

  • toys control

  • sensor network

  • tire pressure monitoring

  • health monitoring

  • wireless PC peripherals

  • tag reading and writing


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