G-NiceRF | SV-MESH series Mesh network modules

SV-MESH series are ultra long distance MESH network data transceiver modules, which adopts the high performance Silicon Labs Chips. They have NODE and ROUTER working modes, can be as repeaters automatically. It is easy to build network without blind area or distance limitation. To avoid the interference, SV-MESH provides 40 frequency channels and configurable Net ID. SV-MESH is flexible but easy to use , it comes with many parameters, such as: frequency, data rate, output power, Net ID, Node ID. Users can configure the parameters through PC or customer’s own device.

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 Repeat automatically

 GFSK modulation

 40 channels

 4 bytes Net ID

 Default 2 bytes Node ID

 Serial parameters configurable


 TTL/RS232/RS485/USB for option

 Max output power: 100mw~5W for option

 Frequency band: 433/470/868/915Mhz for option

 Sensitivity up to -121 dBm

 Working temperature: -40 ~ +85 °C


 Robot control                     

 Remote control telemetry

 Industrial data acquisition

 Wireless data communication

 Access control system

 Remote meter reading

 Security system

 Home automation


Electrical Characteristics

Note:High quality 3.3V LDO is integrated, and Pin CS / SET is 3.3V interface. TXD/RXD is also 3.3V for TTL

function description

Block Diagram

◆ 100mW

◆ 500mW、2W Series

◆ 3W、5W Series

Pin & Dimension

Pin Definition:

◆ 610


◆ 650


◆ 611、651 series


◆ 612、652、6202 series


◆ 613、653 series

◆ 614、654 series

◆ 6300 series

◆ 6500 series

Mechanical Dimensions(Unit:mm):

◆ 610 Dimensions:

◆ 611 Dimensions:

◆ 650 Dimensions:

◆ 651 Dimensions:

◆ 6126526202 Dimensions:

◆ 63006500 Dimensions: