NiceRF | RF1101 20mW long-distance wireless transceiver module

The company's RF1101 module uses TI's CC1101 device, which is a highly integrated wireless ISM band transceiver chip. This module is mainly aimed at smart home, industry, scientific research and medical, and short-range wireless communication equipment.

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 Frequency range: 315/433/868/915MHz

 Maximum output power: 11dBm 

 18mA@Receiving status

 Data transfer rate: 0.6-500kbps 

 Support multiple modulation modes(OOK,ASK,GFSK,2-FSK,4-FSK and MSK)

 Ultra low power shutdown mode 

 Support RSSI (Received Signal strength indicator) and LQI (link quality indicator) 

 Low power detection 

 Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +85°C 

■ Frequency hopping function


 Remote control

 Remote meter reading

 Home security alarm and remote keyless entry

 Industrial control

 Home automation telemetry

 Personal data record

 Toy control

 Sensor Networks

 Tire pressure monitoring

 Health monitoring

 Wireless PC peripherals

■ Tag reader


Electrical Specifications

function description

Typical application circuit

Pin & Dimension

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Mechanical dimension