STX888 SRX888 wireless signal replication module V1.0

This is a wireless signal replication module that can remotely output any same waveform.

The module can transmit any digital waveform (such as pulse or serial waveform…) with a frequency below 9.6KHz. The module group is composed of a transmitting module (STX888) and a receiving module (SRX888). The waveform input to the DATA pin of the transmitting module will be output on the DATA pin of the receiving module.

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■  Arbitrary waveform transmission

■  Low signal distortion

■  Simple to use, without any setting and programming

■  Long-distance communication (open> 500M)

★Can customize more power,longer distance

■  Software and hardware multiple protection, can work stably in complex environmen

■  Small delay (4ms)

■  16 frequency channels are optional to prevent wireless signal conflict 

■  GFSK modulation, strong anti-interference ability

■  Transmit and receive ultra-low power consumption

■  Industrial grade application (-40~+ 85 ℃)


Ø STX888 Electrical Specifications (Supply Voltage: 5V, 25 ℃)

Ø SRX888 Electrical Specifications (Supply Voltage: 5V, 25 ℃)

function description

Ø Transmitter Block Diagram

Ø Receiver Block Diagram

Pin & Dimension

Ø STX888 Pin Definitions 


Ø SRX888 Pin Definitions