NiceRF SA858 4W UHF Band High Power Long Range All-in-one Walkie Talkie Module

SA858 is a professional 4W walkie talkie module. Strong RF circuit, DSP, digital interface, and audio amplifier is built in. Besides Uart command, user can use our provided PC software to configure all the parameters. The parameters includes: Tx frequency, Rx-frequency, Tx CTCSS /CDCSS, Rx CTCSS/CDCSS , digital volume and SQ. To avoid the heating for this high power walkie talkie, we have done special handling on the software with a strong radiator added, which makes it has no problem for long time continuous working.

When SA858 is connected with SA858-PJ, it is easy to organize a professional all in one walkie talkie system, the system include 16 predefined frequency channels, adjustable volume, configurable CTCSS/CDCSS. User need only to connect with power supply and speaker.

Simplified interface and ultra small size make SA858 widely used in various applications and conveniently embedded into various handheld devices.

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 UHF band 400~480 MHz

   VHF band 134~174 MHz

 Tx and Rx frequency can be set alone

 Band width 12.5/25 KHz

 Output power up to 4W

 Distance up to 7 to 10 km in Open area

 High sensitivity:-124 dBm

 High integrated and small size

 38 CTCSS & 166 CDCSS(can be set by PC software and serial port)

 8 adjustable digital volume

 Analog volume adjustable limitless

 High / low output power selection(1W-4W)

 Wide range of working voltage 3.3-9 V

 Embedded EEPROM, data saved even power off

■ 1ppm TCXO, stable performance


■ Small professional walkie talkie

 Invisible intercom system

 Building community security system

 Sport products

 Handheld / Pocketable device

 Audio surveillance system


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