NiceRF SA818 1W Embedded walkie talkie module

SA818 is a cost-effective integrate professional walkie talkie module, it comes with built-in high performance microcontroller, narrow band RF transceiver IC and RF power amplifier,SA818 offer standard UART interface, which easy to configure the related parameters and control the

TX/RX function, Users only need to add external audio amplifier, microphone and speaker, then it becomes a professional walkie talkie, Simplified interface and Ultra small size make this module widely used in various applications and conveniently embedded into various handheld

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  • UHF band frequency: 400~480 MHZ

  • VHF band frequency: 134~174 MHZ

  • Tx and Rx frequency, Tx and Rx CTCSS,

  • CDCSS can be set alone.

  • Band width 12.5 / 25 KHz

  • Output power up to 1W

  • Distance up to 4-5km in open area

  • Sensitivity:-124 dBm

  • High-integrated, Small Size

  • 38 CTCSS

  • 166 CDCSS

  • 8 level squelch

  • 8 adjustable volume

  • High/ low power is optional(500mW-1W)

  • Wide range of working voltage 3.3-5.5 V

  • Built-in EEPROM,data saved even powered off

  • 1 ppm KDS TCXO crystal, Stable performance


  • small walkie talkie

  • Invisible intercom system

  • audio surveillance system

  • Outdoor Sport products

  • building community security system


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