NiceRF DMR858 Digital walkie talkie module

  DMR858 is an ALL-IN-ONE DMR 5W professional walkie talkie. It combined analog and DMR walkie talkie function, and compatible with the walkie talkie in the market. DSP processor , DMR encoder/decoder, RF / Audio Amplifier , PTT, Microphone, 16 Channel switch, Volume adjustment all on board. Connected with power supply and speaker, it build a 5W professional DMR walkie talkie. This product has very good voice quality and very good range. Also special heat sinks are designed specially to guarantee long time talking without any problems.

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  • UHF band frequency:400~470 MHz

        VHF band frequency:134~174MHz

        350 band frequency:320-400MHz

        (3 frequency bands are optional)

  • Voice encoder:NVOC

        AMBE++(MOTO compatible)

        (2 voice encoders are optional)

  • 7 Km in open area

  • Output power up to 5W

  • Sensitivity up to:-124dBm

  • Less than 1% BER @ -121dBm

  • TX/RX frequency set separately

  • Bandwidth for analogy:12.5 / 25 KHz; Bandwidth for DMR:6.25KHz

  • Combined DMR / Analog walkie talkie

  • Support IP confirmed/unconfirmed;SMS. Provide pre-save SMS

  • 1ppm TCXO Crystal

  • CTCSS: 51 levels; CDCSS: 166 levels

  • Digital volume :9 class

  • Analog volume : continuous (stepless)

  • Encryption for SMS and voice

  • Support various voice calling types:

  • Broadcast, group call and private call

  • Reminder for input calling, calling status checkin

  • Support enhanced function such as emergency alarm and radio monitor

  • Support Frequency scan

  • Support Radio kill and activate

  • RSSI value read out

  • Provide PC software to configure

  • EEPROM inside, parameters stored even powered off



Electrical Characteristics:

function description

Typical Schematic Circuit:

Functions descriptions:

16 default channels are set before shipping. Channel 0 -7 for DMR channel, channel 8-15 are analog Walkie Talkie. A rotary switch is used to change the channels. And Pin7 –10 output the channel status.

1) Parameters setting

Both Standard mini-USB interface and serial UART interface are used to configure the parameter. Either of them can be used. And we provide PC software which is easy to use to configure all the necessary parameters. Below is the typical connection diagram.

2) Serial Communication Protocol

All the parameters of DMR818 can be configured using Serial Communication Protocol.

MSB for the command.

Pin & Dimension

Pin Assignment:

Mechanism Dimension: