G-NiceRF| SK108H|1W bi-directional| hopping functions|4 channels remote control Module

SK108H is a industrial four channels wireless switch controller with hopping function, it provides maximum four channel signal input and maximum four channel control output. It features simple interface and reliable performance. The parameters can be modified by PC software / UART command / remote controller (SK108-S). DIP switch on the module can used to change operating frequency (maximum 16 group), operation mode etc. Using this module, user can replace wired device with the wireless connection, which significantly reduce the cost and save much time.

G-NiceRF| SK108H|1W bi-directional| hopping functions|4 channels remote control Module

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  • Frequency hopping algorithm

  • Up to 3Km line-of-sight in open area

  • 16 predefined channels

  • Parameters configurable by PC software/ Remote

  • controller/ UART Command

  • Real-time/Timing working mode for optional

  • GFSK modulation

  • Bi-directional wireless switch control

  • anti-interference

  • Sensitivity up to -121 dBm

  • Maximum output power: 1 W

  • Indicate and alarm when battery low

  • Working voltage 9 ~ 18 V

  • Working temperature range: - 40 ~ + 85 ° C

  • Weight: 143g


  • Remote control switch control

  • Security system

  • Home automation remote sensing

  • Wireless remote telemetry

  • Building automation and security

  • Access control system


Electrical Characteristics

Note: Below parameters base on 12V power supply/ 25℃ testing environment.

function description


The description of interfaces as below:

Application Connection

The input port is pulled up internally, leave open or connect with 3.3V will result in high level, it is low level when connect to GND.

High level will make the output of the other side short out. And low level will make the output of the other side open. Below is regular connection:

DIP Definition

Dip switch Settings (valid when power on again )

DIP8—Normal working mode selection

ON—Real-time mode ( In this mode, when state changes in input port , it transmit signal immediately)

OFF—Timing mode (Signal transmitted at the predefined time interval according to the setting of DIP6)

DIP7—master/slave selection

ON—the master

OFF—the slave

DIP6—Time interval selection of timing mode

ON—Slow time (configurable, default 30S)

OFF—Fast time (configurable, default 2S)

DIP5—Mode selection

ON—Normal working mode

OFF—Configuration mode (Wireless setting on PC via configuration module K108-S)

DIP4~1 —Working frequency channel selection, total 16 channels(default channel interval: 0.5M), frequency is

configurable through PC software / UART Command/ Remote controller SK108.

Relationship between DIP switch and working frequency channel:

Pin & Dimension

Pin Definition

Mechanical Measurement