SK200-1W lora anti-interference wireless single-channel switch module

SK200-1Wis an industrial grade remote wireless single-channel switch control module. Itconsists of the transmitter module SK200-TX-1W and the receiver SK200-RX with atransmission power of 1W. The design adopts LoRaTM spread spectrum modulationfrequency hopping technology, which has high receiving sensitivity and superioranti-interference performance. Its communication distance and receivingsensitivity far exceed FSK and GFSK modulation. The module provides a singlesignal input and a single control output interface. It has the characteristicsof simple interface and reliable operation. Users can configure the internalparameters of the modified module in combination with our PC interface. Manypairs of simultaneous communication will not interfere with each other, and theuse is flexible and convenient. The system can easily replace the originalwired environment with wireless control, which greatly reduces the cost ofmanual wiring and is widely used in industry.

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  • Transmitter power 1W

  • Transceiver frequency canbe freely configured

  • Multiple working modes areavailable

  • LoRa Modulation mode

  • Sensitivity up to -132 dBm

  • range of workingtemperature-40 ~ +85 °C


  • Switching remote control

  • Security system

  • Wireless remote control

  • Pump wireless control


The electrical parameters of the SK200-TX-1W moduleare as follows

Theelectrical parameters of the SK200-RX module are as follows:

function description

        Normal working mode

There are several modesfor the module to choose from in order to cater to the needs of differentcustomers. Users can configure which working mode to work in via PC software:

Ø  Instant control mode (default factory version)

After the transmitter detects that there is a change in the IO input, itwill send data to the receiver (3 consecutive transmissions). After receivingthe wireless signal, Module B will update the status of the relaysynchronously.

In addition, the transmitting end sends a synchronization signal to thereceiving end every 1 minute. If the receiving end does not receive the synchronizationsignal from the transmitting end for 3 consecutive times, it is considered thatthe communication fails and the receiving terminal relay is automaticallydisconnected.

Ø  Power saving control mode

      The transmitting end isnormally in a dormant state. When the IO input changes, the transmitting endautomatically wakes up and sends data to the receiving end (continuouslytransmitting 3 times). After receiving the wireless signal, module B willupdate the status of the relay synchronously. After the transmitter transmitsthe data, the automatic switching will sleep.

Note: There is no communication failure indication inthis state.

Pin & Dimension

Pin definition

The interface description of the receiving moduleSK200-RX is as shown below

Mechanical dimension: