Can the data transmission module select and transmit data
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The data acquisition and monitoring control system (SCADA for short) is usually a star topology structure, which is composed of a master station and multiple slave stations. The master station exchanges data with the slave stations one by one in a polling manner, resulting in low work efficiency. The SCADA system formed by the transmission module to realize the location-selected transmission of data?


The answer is yes, the data transmission module developed by our company can realize the location-selected transmission of data.


Our site selection data transmission module is a non-transparent data transmission module, which can recognize the transmission data format and the address field therein, so as to decide whether the received data is sent or discarded. After setting different addresses for each data transmission module, the master station polls After the data is transmitted to the slave station, there will be only one slave station address that matches. The slave data transmission module will send the received data to be processed by an external device or controller. The remaining slave data transmission modules will be discarded because the addresses do not match. Receive data and wait for the next polling data to arrive.


It should be noted that if the customer originally built a wired SCADA system with a 485 bus, a large-scale expansion is required. Because the slave controller in the wired system already has an address, there is no need to use a digital transmission module to complete the address selection. If the original point-to-point minimal system needs to be expanded to a point-to-multipoint SCADA system, we can use our site selection data transmission module to simplify the expansion. If we are building a new SCADA system, we can use our site selection data transmission module.

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