The advantages and functions of intelligent manhole cover
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With the rapid development of urbanization, coupled with factors such as vehicles and pedestrian flow, frequent displacement, loosening, and tilting of manhole covers have caused great security risks to vehicles and pedestrians, and even the theft of some criminals is occasional. Occasionally, in the face of the coverage area and the increasing number of well pits, the traditional manual manhole cover monitoring and management methods have become overwhelmed.

In the context of smart cities and demand, smart manhole covers came into being, and now smart manhole covers have become an important component of smart city construction.

The smart manhole cover is not "can be moved if you want to move". Not only does it have noise and shock resistance, the smart manhole cover has a built-in wireless module chip, which not only can collect all information from production, transportation, installation, maintenance, etc., but also comes with an information terminal sensor with automatic alarm There is an electronic label under each manhole cover. When the manhole cover is moved and generates an inclination angle greater than 15 degrees, it will promptly send an alarm message to the working platform. After receiving the information, the platform uses the map positioning function to accurately find the position of the manhole cover.

Sensors are also arranged on the grooves on the edge of the intelligent manhole cover, which can monitor the turbidity, water flow, water speed and water volume of the current road in real time, and feed back to the working platform in time.

In the past, manhole covers were handled only after an accident occurred, while in the era of "Internet of Things", they were actively handled in advance. The smart manhole cover system makes the smart city more scientific.

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