High performance small size 1W Lora moduel LoRa1268F30-Mini
Date:2020/11/3 10:07:37   Browse:0

NiceRF launched the new module : LoRa1268F30-Mini.

The highlight of this module is :

1. Using the newest Lora chip SX1268 from Semtech.

2. Add LNA to increase 4dBm on the basis of high sensitivity LoRa. Its communication distance and receiving sensitivity far exceed other LoRa and GFSK solutions. 

3. Option of adding band-pass filter to further improve the anti-interference ability is available.

4. Low voltage. The wireless module is designed with an output power of 30dBm@4V.

5. Low power consumption, the standby current is 2uA, and the Rx current is less than 11mA.

LoRa1268F30-Mini is especially suitable for battery-powered scenarios. The ultra-long distance is also very suitable for remote industrial control applications. 

LoRa1268F30-Mini wireless module will soon be available to the market, please stay tuned!

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