NiceRF | IOT-N010 Low Power Multi-Sensor Acquiring Node Newly Launched
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Dear old and new customers:

NiceRF newly launches IOT-N010 low power multi-sensor acquiring node.It is mainly used for sensor data acquisition and control of the Internet of Things. The whole network system is composed of gateway IOT-G010 and node IOT-N010/ IOT-THS010, which adopts the networking mode of wireless star network. A good coordination mechanism and precise scheduling algorithm are used internally between the node and the gateway to avoid collisions between data packets in the air. The communication protocol between the node and the gateway has been implemented by the system, and customers can build a reliable acquisition and control network as long as they follow a simple configuration. The node module IOT-N010, as the node end of the network, uses a high-performance low-power ARM and wireless communication module. Setting a suitable collection interval can easily achieve a battery life of several years. Especially suitable for battery-powered data acquisition and control systems.This product also reserves various interfaces of SPI, I2C, and GPIO to facilitate the customized development and expansion of product functions.



■ Node ultra-low power consumption

■ Star network (support multi-layer automatic relay)

■ Multi-point data collection(Up to 255 Node for a single gateway)

■ Serial data input and output

■ Multi-level data collision avoidance mechanism

■ Serial port firmware upgrade 

■ OTA firmware upgrade

■ Dynamically modify the upload interval

■ Wake up in the air and wake up the lower computer

■ OTA parameter modification

■ Industrial grade (-40~+85 ℃)

■ Multiple anti-crash mechanisms

■ Wireless data encryption

■ Reserve multiple interfaces such as SPI, I2C, GPIO, etc.,Strong scalability

■ Quickly customize various functions

■ Accurate calculation of battery life

■ RSSI signal strength indicator

■ Automatic retransmission mechanism

■ Lost Link indicator


■ Various sensor signal acquisition and control

■ Smart home

■ Security, access control

■ Remote control

■ Industrial control

■ Drone

■ Robot

■ Smart manhole cover

■ Remote meter reading  

If you want to know more details about the IOT-N010, please check this links in our webstie:, Feel free to contact with us if you need more support.

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